I am most passionate about helping creators execute groundbreaking ideas. A creator myself, I understand how the creative brain works. Some of our best concepts come at the most inconvenient time in our lives. They will stop you in the middle of work, when it's time to go to sleep or even take care of your family. The current demands of life make it hard to wrap your head around how you will make your big idea happen. When I decided to write Go for Yours, ​ it felt like the most inconvenient time. I was finally on track for living what I considered to be the American Dream. I wanted to tap into my creative side, but not at the risk of my full-time job. 


I eventually quit my job, but building my dream caused me to struggle financially.  Tapping into your creative side has its share of ups and downs, but that doesn't mean you have to experience life of a starving artist. The great news is, I've done the dirty work for you. I am here to help you bring to life, any creative field you are excited to accomplish without having to worry about keeping the lights on. Think of me as a Project Manager for your ideas.

  • Bachelor's in Community Health Education (Illinois State University)​

  • Master's in Adult & Higher Education (Northern Illinois University)



  • Go for Yours (Published 2011)​

  • Don't Wait, Create (Scheduled for 2020 Release)

  • Founder, Go for Yours Foundation

  • Adjunct Faculty—Entrepreneurship and Applied Logic & Critical Thinking, AMDA

  • Executive Director, Manifest Your Destiny Foundation (2014-2017)

  • Assistant Director of Diversity & Leadership, Saint Xavier University (2018-2010)