You have everything you need to become the best person you were created to be. I provide creative consulting to help you discover your personal legend!


- Erika R. McCall



My name is Erika McCall and I am an author, entrepreneur, and nonprofit leader.  Over 10 years ago, I left my full-time job to tap into my creative side. I published a book titled Go for Yours, a compilation of stories about people brave enough to follow their dreams. I took the advice from my book and turned a volunteer opportunity into a once in a lifetime experience. This led me from living in my grandmother's basement in Chicago to thriving in Los Angeles, California the city of dreams. 

On my journey, I have made so many mistakes and experienced failure that helped shape my career as a creative professional. My knowledge and expertise come from being thrown in the fire and being forced to find my way out. In the end I learned, the only person who has the power to stop me is ME. 

I am excited to help you identify your passion amongst a world of creators. When people  leave one of my workshops or one-on-one sessions, they are more confident in their knowledge, skillset, and resources.  I am excited to help you create a path to making a living doing what you LOVE!